Let the the solution to corruption have an ethical foundation

We can’t remove corruption from our country if we can’t right engineer the ethos of our society.

We complain everyday about corruption here, corruption there, but I daresay that, there is no amount of procedure or checks plus processes that will help eradicate corruption if we can’t ignite the conscience of Ghanaians to values such as integrity, accountability and ethics. If we can’t establish a moral code and imbue Ghanaians with good virtues, we should forget about fixing corruption in Ghana.

ImageToday I listened to Joy 99.7 FM and there was discussion on corruption at Korlebu Teaching Hospital. Manasseh Azure Awuni has uncovered corruption at Korlebu one of Ghana’s major hospitals and Mr. Kofi B Bentil and Dr. Tony Aidoo were speaking to that issue. The question I have is How do we expect the ordinary person to afford 1500 Ghana cedis for health care? If the guy who paid the 500 Ghana cedis less than he was supposed to pay could afford to pay the 1500 Ghana cedis which he was billed, I bet Mr Azure will find other developmental issues to report on.

My recommendation to fixing corruption at Korlebu is not prosecuting persons who are found to be aiding patients pay less and they in turn pocketing some of the revenue that could go to Korlebu on compassionate grounds. We simply need to fix our health Insurance, NHIS. We need to have a very structured healthcare system that is affordable and covers a lot of conditions that affect most of the users of the system, Ghanaians.

Secondly, we need to privatize and capitalize Korlebu. Yes I know you will say if we privatize Korlebu how can the ordinary person pay for healthcare. Now I believe if we have a very good healthcare system like a very well endowed and better NHIS system then anybody should be able afford healthcare whether privately owned or government.

Thirdly, I go back to my first point that we need to fix our moral code as a nation. We just need to have moral values that govern our conscience and it will manifest in the way we act towards each other as a nation. Now Ghana leaders lack the ethical high-ground to propose solutions to build our nation.