Reducing Unemployment in Ghana (Part 1): The role of Career Guidance.

People in a queue looking for jobs.

For the past weeks I have been pondering about the issue of unemployment. I have been thinking about recent statements by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana and other industry players that Ghana graduates are not fit for the job market. So what is my take on the issue of unemployment in Ghana and remarks that Ghana Graduates are not fit for the job market?

Regarding jobs, I believe the first approach should be for proper career guidance to enable individuals make the right choices while pursuing various subjects at school. From day one when a person starts the education journey, opportunities should be created for individuals to recognise career options to enable them have better perspective in generating and pursuing career interests. There are different ways of doing this, at the tender age where a person pursues nursery education, appropriate toys such as Legos and professional toys should be made available to him or her.  This should lead to excursions, invitation of professionals to interact with these students through their primary school period. Moving forward through the Junior high school, a mentorship programme should be put in place for students to have professionals, career mentors and life coaches to take them on a one on one journey to fulfilling their career choices. Going through this process would give a person the needed information and guide to figure out his or her career progression path more effectively and very early in life.

The benefit would be that, a person is able to choose a good subject area to pursue at the senior high school level. This means there is a higher chance of a person passing his or her WASSCE exams. This would also lead to higher enrolment of students with immense quality attributes and maturity to pursue their degrees. When a university enrols quality students there is a higher chance of the university churning out quality graduates. This is primarily due to the fact that quality students would contribute creative ideas and constructive criticisms to the development of the school. Quality students would also mean possible initiation of students’ activities that would inure to the development of a sound and balanced academic community. A sound and balanced academic community would yield a student culture whose influence would transcend the academic walls of any university.

In a sound academic culture, you would find proper leadership, you would find integrity, you would find ethics and above all you would see entrepreneurship. This is what I think Harvard, Princeton, Yale plus other top universities all over the world have benefited and thus they becoming great.

What is my point, I believe solving Ghana’s problem of Universities presumably churning unemployable graduates should begin right from when a child starts his or her education. I believe the methods proposed in this piece should be utilised more in the government owned schools which absorbs most of our educable masses.

I would be writing part two soon.