Chelsea players letting us down. They should show more attitude and character.

Michael Essien
Michael Essien

Chelsea was woeful to say the least. It was a torrid game for the Chelsea team. West Brom deserved the 3 points especially as they had over 14 corners to their credit.

What is my opinion of the play? The Chelsea midfield was non-existent.  We lost the midfield battle and that was our major problem in the game. I would not blame our defence either except our left back Ashley Cole who had one of his worst performances for Chelsea.

The Chelsea team lacks urgency. The team is also slow in their attack build up. This can be attributed to our slow midfielders. Lampard and Essien had a fair game. The evidence is that these players are aging and have passed their best.

Our attacking wingers, uhm who are they by the way?  Sturridge plays on the right wing of our attack. Today he had an awful game. He had two clear chances  he could have won the game for us but he blew them.

What is the way forward? The players should give more than they are giving to the team. The old players should show themselves worthy of their acclaim, presence and hype. We need to fortify our midfield. We need another creative force apart from Mata. We need replacements for Essien and Lampard.  Malouda should certainly be sold at the end of the season.

We also need to work on our attacking wingers. We don’t have any. It is about time we brought in some players who have speed and energy to run our wings.

What would I say about our coach, AVB? I believe he can certainly do with  some help from the players if the players give their maximum. What has the coach got to do with Sturridge’s miss? What has he got to do with Mata’s miss? The coach should be given the chance to end the season and then equipped with the needed resources to revamp the team. He needs to adopt the Guardiola tactics when he took over Barca to enable he, AVB to win the dressing room.

The player should show more attitude and character. They should show more commitment. I suspect some of the players have some very good media managers who help spin nice stories about them in the English media. To be fair, our players are not taking enough blame for their bad performances. It is about time the fans go at them to force them to deliver.

Chelsea’s season is over. I would be most surprised, pleasantly though if we win any trophy this season. Let’s reduce our expectations and look forward to next season.

Chelsea would do better next season.