Whatever Happened to Ghana’s Values?

Dear Colleagues of the Future,

I have found myself over the past few months saying, ‘we live like animals in this country’.

It hurts my heart all the time but that is the truth. Our country is at the verge of collapse and the earlier we galvanize to save it the better. A failed nation or organization results from the wrong it consistently practice, think and promote. our problem as a nation rings from the current stereotyping of parents to rather give birth to their children outside the country to the flaunting of English language as the medium of communication for the middle class family. Very soon, middle income family children will not be able to speak their own mother tongue. The chaos will start when there is a sharp disconnect between these children and the common man on the streets of James Town.

Image The VALUE DRIVEN NATION is in our own interest. It’s the saving of our own nation from the bleak future our fathers are building for us. It is not a political, religious nor ethnic movement. Our quest is to establish high end principles and practices which have guided great organizations, groups, associations, nations and fellowships like Christianity, Islam, the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and the likes.

VALUES, IDEALS and STANDARDS are the reasons why we cherish our religion(s) or beliefs. If only we can get Ghana to start thinking, acting and promoting common assertions, we will be able to turn around our country.

I believe now, more than ever that no political party can save us nor church. What can change our cause is when we are able to affect our generation with systems which permeate our  and look beyond our selfish motives and deeds into the ultimate wellbeing of all.

I invite you to join us make this transition. Just like the 10 lepers in the old testament, if we stay aloof our country will disintegrate (suffice to say some will get corrupt and go with the flow), or we can decide to TRY. If we fail, at least our children unborn will respect us for what we did for them.

Thank you and lets start building our COLLECTIVE DREAMS.

[This is not my original piece. I am only reposting an email sent to me on my blog. The original writer is call Yaw Asamoah]