My Thoughts on Race and Globalisation

Today something struck me. Emily told me she went to north London and saw a lot more white guys having dreadlocks.  I pondered why that would be the option for these white skinned guys. I came out with one theory; we are all from one lineage. We are all from one parent and our colours are as a result of our expeditions into different parts of the world. I believe all men were born black first.  We are all from one black family.  Adam and Eve could only be black. If man started from Africa, then the two men created, male and female were Black. We have white Asians and all because of mobility. The world becomes closer the more we develop and move.

Development of any corner of the earth brings the world closer one notch. Any kind of development at all brings the world closer. Globalisation to me is the developments of different parts of the world. It is a connection that is created innately when a part of the world sees an improvement, and experiences an increase in their knowledge share. Development starts with you. When you develop you add one pint of knowledge to your environment.

When you add to your environment, you create a society; it is nucleated but eventually it becomes extended and dispersed throwing away your addition as thoughts that are added to the thought bank of life.

No world has developed on its own. Not even the mightiest of nations. Not the USA or Europe. Every world has developed because someone in a tiny corner has increased in knowledge.