Science over God?

Yesterday the 12th of March 2010, was quite a day. First my electricity goes off just before a major client side test. So I slept through most part of the afternoon. I had some few calls and a large percentage of them were business as usual. But there was one that was not really a business call. An old chic I met some years back calls me and says she is on her way to the office. Taken a little aback, I called back immediately after she hung up to find out whether she knew my new office location. She simply said, “I would find my way to the place”.

She came just before late afternoon with much glee and to my utter amazement. She comes not alone though; there was another friend of mine (my supposed she-best friend), who is passionately not liked by a certain significant other. Coincidentally this significant other who works close to my office walks to my office to come pick her lunch and then there was a clash between my supposed –she-best friend and you know who I am talking about. The chemistry in the part of my office where these two met is one that I would pay a good sum to be revealed to me. I wondered what went on in their individual heads.

That was not a really big deal for me though. Just about when my supposed best friend and the chic I met years ago were about done with their mission, a business partner walks into my office to redeem an appointment he had earlier on arranged with me. After going about business, he asked me if I believed in religion. I affirmed my belief in Christianity but he shrugged me off with a big laugh. Now that was when I got more interested in our discourse. He went on and on about why religion does not make sense. He even suggested to me that the stories about Jesus Christ are mere fables and myths. Hmm!! I hummed to myself and quizzed my perception about him. So I asked him, “Are you not a Christian?” He answered “no”.  So we go on an intellectual banter on the relevance and veracity of religion in our existence as men and women. In a bid to convince me to think like him, he gave me an audio book of about six series with eight chapters in each series. I am yet to listen to them though; however I don’t think my mind would change much. Not that I am dogmatic, simply, my belief in the existence of a God is non-negotiable.

My argument with him got me thinking really deep. That was not the first time I was actually debating an individual who denounces the existence of God, this was my third. Years before I had sat on the same table with one of the most accomplished software entrepreneur in Ghana and one of the most accomplished software developers in Africa who all think that there is no God. As at that time, they thought anybody who believed in the existence of a God was very stupid. To them, science was everything.

These encounters have me asking myself a lot of questions. One which repeats its self in my mind is: am i what i am because of what i have? If i had money and could afford anything i wanted, would my belief in an existing God be that manifest?

Thinking of it, there is something common among these three non-believers of religion. These guys literally made substantial amounts of money in their early twenties which is quite not the norm in the part of the world I come from. They had acquired some good number of properties especially in real estate by their mid twenties. They had virtually nothing to worry about than to keep up and increase their financial acquisitions. At their age, they had no need to walk out the streets and corners of Accra sowing their CVs on the desks of HR Managers hoping to reap a good job.  They had their own successful gigs running. They had all the connections, politically and on the business landscape to make things happen for them.

I was hoping to end my piece here, but i just remembered that i had another encounter with a friend on Facebook on the same subject. He believes that religion is the opium of the people. He however says that he is a Christian. He is not high up on the financial success ladder but obtained 1st class in material engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology. He is wide read on diverse subjects and believes science answers everything too.

To end my note i have a few questions. Is it the case that those of us who have a form of religion or believe in the existence of a God have such perspectives because of our place on the financial spectrum? Do we have faith in a God because we are yet to find a means to overcome our lives’ challenges? Are we so hard up; our only solace is to relegate our shortfalls to the doorstep of a God? Is our faith in the supernatural or a God based on a shortage in our Knowledge about the universe and whatever thing that happens in it? If we had much knowledge and could explain everything that happened in our lives, would we still believe in a God? Hmm! Does science answer all things?