The Road Ahead

It’s 22:02 in the evening and everywhere is quiet. The only sound I hear are the taps of the keyboards of laptops and desktops. It is DreamOval at work while a majority of Accra is possibly asleep or taking a break from the day’s hustle and bustle. I see stress wrapped in hope on the faces of the DOers. What are they doing? They are defying stress and breaking the norm to navigate the road ahead. They are busily and purposefully working around the clock to create the future that has only been seen but in the dreams of a few who could possibly dare to dream.  These dudes want to conquer the world from their desks in Sakumono. Their weapons- the PC and their intellect. They do this on a not-proven-for-all phenomenon called entrepreneurship. I sit to ponder why young graduates who could be sitting anywhere else earning sustainable income would gamble their lives on mere conjecture and the thought of possibility. A thought that can only be likened to a  place where success is a wish no more than a whisper, a place where you breathe hope and quench your thirst with passion, a place where your daily bread is your dream and your motivation is just a glimpse of possibility, a  trajectory hard to trace but a destination worth dying for.

I like this world all the same because it makes me live within and sometimes beyond my God given purpose. It’s hard to imagine how we got ourselves together to form DreamOval. Life’s destinations are many but few merit the walks of our lives. I believe DreamOval is one of the sure pathways that would lead us to one of life’s desitinations-success and prosperity. DreamOval is to me a journey conceived by a life purposefully lived. It’s that one thing that I can tell God that I came to do on earth that I never regretted. The yearning to be a DOer is genetic and the spirit to DO it is wholesomely divine.

It’s not been easy taking this course but the lessons are invaluable. School has not enough academic materials or scholars to teach me what DreamOval has thought me in a day. The challenges are excruciatingly enormous but the rewards are insurmountable. It is a quest to conquer, not man or prove the doubters in the courts of public opinion wrong, but to prove to myself that it is possible to be great irrespective of your beginnings. With DreamOval I want to reposition Africa‘s place on the global map of Development, I want to right-write the story of Africa in the eyes of the WORLD, I want to create New Avenues of Hope and Self-Belief in the minds and hearts of Africa’s Children and Youth. DreamOval is just one of the ways I want to contribute to Africa’s Growth and Psycho-Social Development. Africa needs GENERATIONAL THINKERS and I believe I am One of Them. DreamOval is a pre-beginning. The world has not seen the best of Derrydean Dadzie yet. Pls watch this space.