Principles of Non-restriction

Can I ever be greater than myself. Can I ever do more than I can? Can I… can I what? Ok so I sit back and want to do stuff. I have ideas I really want to implement. I also wish I was always in a better position to let me accomplish more. But really is there anything like a better position? I think we all have according to what we can deal with. We should just as much as beyond the possible do the most with whatever we have. That is what I call opportunity(what you do with what you have). Coming through life, over the years, I have learned one lesson, nothing should be the reason why I achieve nothing. What do I mean?

For example you need money to buy food to eat. Does the fact that you do not have money mean you should not eat? Certainly not. Just go get something. Just have it in mind that you want to eat and I bet you would come up with innovative ways of satisfying your tummy. The dynamics of life would work something in your favour. Some may call it faith, others may call it luck. What I know however is that you got it because you desired it and you knew that you needed it so you saw it the way others saw it not and you went for it.

Should you, not having a wife or husband mean you should not have babies. Hmmmm… that is some tricky area. should i give you my opinion? if you know where I stand now, I bet you can just determine my position on this one.

As an entrepreneur, the vital lesson of the philosophy or principle of non-restriction induces me to just go out there and get what i want. Nothing should really stop me. Except God, nothing else should let me sit back one day and say to myself, “I could have done this”, “I could have done that”. The icing on this principle is this, Inasmuch as it can be thought, it can be done.

I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. With this in mind, I know I can be greater than myself. I can permeate the impermeable, see the invisible and cast my two naked eyes on pluto . All I need is to resolve to DO.