Estimatingly Vague – in pursuit of your dreams

I wonder why there is a craze for specifics. Why are people being castigated for being continuous in their projections? Why should I not be allowed to say umm… like 10, 10:30, 11… when I’m giving someone a time i would be available to take part or provide my service to any endeavour? What’s wrong with that? My thought is that in vaqueness there is a recognition of the continuous nature of life. That the world is not as discrete as the apostles of efficiency are making it look like. For example we dont just always move from 1 straight up to 2, but sometimes between 1 and 2 there can be 1.01, 1.02…..1.5… up through to 2. In here you recognise a set of new variables which exist in the continuum between 1 and 2. Primarily the genuis in being vague in any estimation of a possibility is being rational and appreciating the fact that in every event there are continuous variables that can determine the possible outcome.

In being vague, you become more human and give the benefit of the doubt to the fact that there are possible events that can distort the logical sequence to an expected outcome, yet recognising that inasmuch as the outcome is reached the substance of the outcome is not compromised. In being vague you recognise the possiblity of the “force majeure”, the acts of God that are beyond reasonable control. As an entrepreneur one area I see vagueness work well is in Entrepreneurship. There are billionaires today because once in their lives they had a vaque pursuit of a Dream. Someone one day said, “i want to put a pc on every desk” and today there is Windows, there’s Office and many more. Another time in someone’s life, he said “I want to organise the world’s data” and today we have google. Wow! how vague some pursuits. Don’t let anybody let your idea sound stupid because they think it is vague and ridiculous. In vagueness there is a distant visible dot. Just take time to build it. The dot is the mountain not surmounted , the valley not descended. The Dot is the vague tone that hushes “I want to put a pc on every desk”. In vagueness there is conviction. There is truly a vague reality. Just Live it.